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Green Services

For us, true luxury is about protecting the environment: a luxury that helps our planet!

Rocche di Montexelo is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a sustainable holiday. Thanks to the eco-friendly services we offer, we're certified by Green Key, the leading standard of excellence for sustainable tourism.

Since Rocche di Montexelo opened in 2016, we've introduced a number of green services for our guests. At a time when there was not yet enough discussion of environmental issues, becoming a green holiday destination required work, research and experience.

 Over the years and helped by new technology, we have extended and implemented our eco-friendly services. At our guest house, we seek to minimise waste, and to this end we use what nature herself provides.

 Starting with small daily actions such as differentiated waste collection, and moving on to more advanced initiatives, we really can make a difference!


Our apartments and pool are heated using locally-sourced eco-fuels with biomass, such as hazelnut shells.


We use solar-thermal heat-exchange panels to produce hot water for heating, bathrooms, Jacuzzi and the pool.


At Rocche di Montexelo, we use rainwater to irrigate green areas, flush toilets, pressure washer and filling the outdoor swimming pool.


The air conditioning in our rooms cuts out automatically when the doors and windows are opened.

Charging columns/charging wall box

In our tiled garage you'll find charging stations with type 2, 2x7 and 4 kW points for electric cars and bicycles.


LED lights are used throughout the guest house, and in shared areas we have installed an automatic timer system.

Centralised cleaning system

To clean our rooms we use a centralised system consisting of floor tubes, wall outlets and a central vacuum unit in a separate room.

Differentiated waste collection

Differentiated waste is the first step to making a real difference to our environment! At Rocche di Montexelo we separate plastic, paper, glass and tins.

Recycled toiled paper

At our guest house we don't use toilet paper made from trees, but paper made from pulp.

Paper trimmings, unprinted paper, printed and de-inked paper are all used to make recycled paper.

Microfibre bathrobes

At our spa and pool, we provide microfibre bathrobes. It's a comfortable service with less water consumption in washing and less energy in drying


At Rocche di Montexelo we take great care over the cleaning of our rooms, always following our green philosophy. In fact, the products we use contain only plant-based ingredients.

Wooden hangers

In our wardrobes you'll find wooden hangers for storing your clothes.

Green Key certification

All the green policies we adopt have enabled us to obtain Green Key certification: an eco-label that uses a series of specific parameters to certify environmental performance in tourism. This certification means we meet the standard of excellence for sustainable hospitality.


Following a series of checks on our green installations and services, we first obtained the certification in 2019, and renewed it this year.